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TEASE Strategy

Posted by advertisinginindia on April 24, 2009

In the times when modern marketers spoon-feed customers, giving them exactly what they want, Stephen Brown who formulated TEASE says customers would rather be “teased, tantalized, and tormented by deliciously insatiable desire,” and that “marketers should stop chasing customers and get customers to chase them instead.” When customer orientation is ubiquitous, customer deprivation is a source of potential competitive advantage.”

* Exclusivity

* Secrecy

* Amplification

* Entertainment

* Tricks

(Bottom to top)

Tricks: Customers love something that involves them into the product. Rather than just stating the message, playing tricks and games with them and amusing them can yield a much better response to the brand.

Entertainment: No longer can marketers expect consumers to read advertising messages and then generate interest by themselves. There are so many advertising messages that consumers are exposed to that you really cannot expect them to read that brilliant copy which you created spending thirty six hours on it. Consumers are looking for entertainment and that too free entertainment.

Amplification: Advertising clutter has become a major problem globally and thus the need for innovative advertising mediums and layouts. But implementing that itself is not enough; one needs to announce to the entire community about the strategy that you are using. Untill you create that mass announcement, you will not be noticed. For example: Patchi is a product that caters to a very niche market. However, informing and advertising those few TAs through innovative mediums is not enough. Even the non TAs need to know what Patchi is all about and that they should yearn to reach the TA Patchi caters to.

Secrecy: This goes completely against what marketing gurus have so far said. Sometimes, restricting the information from consumers and creating hype about some secrecy can in turn gain a lot of attention for the brand. Who does not love to know a secret vis-à-vis who wants to read ready mundane product information?.

Exclusivity: The key term of this strategy is exclusivity. Customers crave for exclusivity. Be it designer sarees or designer chocolates, exclusivity is respected and cherished world over. Exclusivity allows consumers to luxuriate in the belief that they are the lucky ones, the select few, the discerning elite.


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