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Advertising on Social Networking sites

Posted by advertisinginindia on April 10, 2009

social-networks-indiaA new form of internet advertising that is growing rapidly is social network advertising. It is online advertising with a focus on social networking sites. This is a relatively immature market, but it has shown a lot of promises as advertisers are able to take advantage of the demographic information the user has provided to the social networking site.


One of the best uses of this medium is that advertisers can get directly in touch with people, knowing their demographics and personality profiles. Because some of these sites have communities on various subjects which individuals join to share their interests, advertisers are exactly able to know what kind of target audience they are looking at.


Wikipedia has named this activity as “Friendertising” as it is a more precise advertising term in which people are able to direct advertisements toward others directly using social network service. Example: The recent pink Chaddi campaign became very popular through extensive use of the social networking site Facebook. This site also offers great opportunities for advertisers to advertise their products and services uniquely.  


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