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Blog Advertising in India

Posted by advertisinginindia on April 6, 2009


top25_tech_blogsEvery day about 1, 20,000 new blogs are created and Internet already has about 70 million blogs, covering unimaginable number of areas. With the popularity of blogs in India, more and more companies are looking at advertising through blogs. There are many ways one can advertise on a blog; by placing ads on the site, sponsoring the review of the product or the service on the blog, text linking etc.

Many companies in India are now creating their blogs and promoting themselves through this medium. Big FM radio jockeys maintain their personal blogs which are linked on the company website. Companies are also creating fictional blog as a marketing tool to promote a product.  Big companies like Nokia pay independent bloggers to review their phones.

Blogging has given a new meaning to advertising. People want to trust content on the blog because there is transparency. However, companies need to take into consideration the honest opinions that may be published on the blog about their products. This can give them a feedback and a reality check about their product/service and also help them to improve on the same.

Hence, quintessentially, blog advertising can be categorized in three parts:

Advertising on blogs: putting up banners, click-through ads and other types of ads on the blogs.

Blog owned by the companies: Where company lets out information about its product or service and answers consumer queries, building brand loyalty

Company sponsoring individual blogs: Some companies sponsor individuals to write about their product or service on their blog.

Blogging has thus become one of the fastest growing new means of advertising in India. 


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