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Radio Advertising in India

Posted by advertisinginindia on April 2, 2009


 ieif5Radio has been the cheapest mode of entertainment in India for a long time. Radio almost reaches out to 99% of the population in India. New technology and innovations have given rise to satellite, internet and community radio which are hitting in Indian market and will provide new opportunities to radio advertising although currently advertising is not allowed on community radio.

Opening up of the new radio channels in India is providing a great boost to creative content companies as well as challenge to bring creative advertising to radio considering it is only a listening medium. The biggest advantage of radio is that it can tap the rural markets effectively to a large extent. As compared to TV commercials, radio commercials are very economical and easy to make. This provides tremendous scope to advertisers who are able to experiment with the layout and the design in radio ads catering to different cities, different day-parts and different brand objectives.

 Radio has become infotainment now. Radio is cheap and you can carry it anywhere and that’s the biggest advantage of radio. Radio means different things for different people. While 60 % of the revenue of the radio advertising industry comes from the private FM broadcasters and the balance from the All India Radio (AIR).

 With new FM stations mushrooming by the dozen in India,  radio advertising industry will gross Rs 1800 crore ($450 million) by 2012.


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