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Does 360 degree advertising campaign work?

Posted by advertisinginindia on February 20, 2010

We are hearing all the time that the traditional media is soon going to disappear and that brands that do not adhere to new innovative ways of marketing and advertising will be forgotten in the consumer’s mind.  Innovative usage of media is the need of the hour and clients should stop spending their money on traditional advertising mediums like print and TV. However, when a marketer is churning out a 360 degree campaign, should he spend on these traditional mediums or should he only use the new innovative mediums of advertising that are available to us today? This seems to be a million dollar question!

Let us first clarify what is 360 degree marketing? This strategy is a detailed process where every piece of information concerning a particular brand is communicated to the target audience through all possible channels.

Advertising gurus believe that a consumer has shut his brains to advertising in places he knows he is going to be bombarded with various ads. Hence, today a marketer should try and reach his consumer when he least expects it and in places most unlikely. This will help the brand to be registered in consumer’s mind.

Many CEOs of reputed agencies also feel that 360 degree marketing is just a buzzword, quintessentially it is nothing but using all the possible advertising mediums to hit the consumer from all sides.

Now, to answer the million dollar question, does 360 degree advertising campaign work? Well, according to me, 360 degree advertising campaign or an integrated marketing campaign is what works really well in a country like India because of the diversity of population in the country. Whatever people may say, I feel traditional ad mediums are here to stay for long because we have been born and brought up watching television ads and reading papers! Old habits indeed die hard. Though I also agree that the brand should be innovative in terms of its message and content and can also try new mediums of advertising but it can surely not ignore the traditional ‘roti,kapda,makaan’ (food, clothing shelter) of advertising!


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Print Advertising in India

Posted by advertisinginindia on April 1, 2009


image008Print media advertising has come a long way. The Indian print media had been lobbying for opening up of the sectors to foreign direct investment. In 2005, the government relaxed foreign direct investment, but with many conditions. The print media boomed in 05 when Jagran solutions and HT media came out with publications. Since the demand for Indian content is on the rise, print advertising too is going to be on the rise.

In the previous year, print advertising growth has been 5 %. New innovative layouts are being tried and tested in the print media rather than the traditional layouts to attract consumer’s attention. Food products and cellular services are the ones to try these new layouts in print.

The Print media is highly fragmented with most publications being family owned. However, the trend is now changing and publishers are looking to expand their markets leaving new opportunities for print advertising.

Print advertising has seen growth of 6% during Jan-Sep ’08 compared to Jan-Sep ’07. ‘Education’ sector was the top sector in Print advertising during Jan-Sep ’08. ‘Tata Motors Ltd’ was the number one advertiser in Print advertising during Jan-Sep ’08.

In this energetic and bubbly media scenario, Print is the dominant medium and has greatly contributed to the development of media. Companies however continue to put their energies and time heavily in television and sometimes ignore print which is such a powerful medium of advertising.

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