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Posted by advertisinginindia on April 14, 2009

Mobile phones became a new means of advertising in 1998. When the first paid downloadable content appeared on mobile phones in Finland, it was only a matter of time until mobile advertising followed. By 2007 the value of mobile advertising had reached $2.2 billion and providers such as Admob delivered billions of mobile ads. More advanced mobile ads include banner ads, coupons, Multimedia Messaging Service picture and video messages, advergames and various engagement marketing campaigns.

A particular feature driving mobile ads is the 2D Barcode, which replaces the need to do any typing of web addresses, and uses the camera feature of modern phones to gain immediate access to web content. 83 percent of Japanese mobile phone users already are active users of 2D barcodes. In India too, mobile advertising is growing multifold.

Many services like are offering SMS advertising to millions of subscribed users who in turn get paid for every ad SMS message that they receive. Besides, banner ads and coupons are also popular in India.


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