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Posted by advertisinginindia on December 5, 2009

Media planners: Media Planners help ad agencies choose the best outlet or medium to reach the customer they want. They plan; schedule, book and purchase space in the print media (newspapers, magazines) or outdoors (billboards, kiosks and bus panels) and time (TV & radio, internet). The media planning exercise may also involve conducting some targeted brand or need-specific research to assess recall and viewership/readership of a campaign.

Creative department: The creative department’s task is to harness the right words, the most appropriate and arresting visuals — anything and everything that will grab the attention and prompt a sale. The creative team in an agency can be further divided into two sections: Copy and Creative.

Copy Department: After the client service executive briefs the creative team, the copywriter gets down to the task of putting across the message in words — headline, followed by the body copy in the case of a press ad, a dialogue or jingle for a radio spot, or a detailed story board in the case of a TV commercial.

A good copywriter must be able to think laterally and originally each time, to co-relate masses of data and research findings so as to present the conclusions in language that is lucid and convincing.

The Art Department: Takes care of the overall “look and feel” of the campaign starting with a “scribble” or rough sketch which accommodates the various components i.e. headline, visual, picture, text, logo, etc. in a balanced format within the given space. Selecting the size and type of the font (lettering), the photographic treatment and the overall treatment of the TV commercial is the purview of the visualizers and art directors. While a high level of originality and creative talent form the mainstay, a BFA or degree in applied art or graphic design with knowledge of computer graphics/multimedia is mandatory.

Media Research agencies: Market research agencies try to measure the effectiveness of any media. It is research that provides the media planner and creative department, a scientific and measurable basis to sharp-focus their strategy. These professionals are from a variety of disciplines, but share a common comfort level with mathematical or statistical modeling, sampling techniques and psychographics. Media research uses various tools and methodologies to arrive at the reach and consumption of a media vehicle by different target groups over a period of time. These numbers are used as trading tools by the stakeholders of media industry. They also help the media companies to judge the effectiveness of their content in garnering the attention of the Target Group.


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