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POP in advertising

Posted by advertisinginindia on January 15, 2010

I rememeber the first time we came across this acronym POP …the first thing that came to most of our minds was Plaster of Paris…until ofcourse we became students of advertising and got enlightened about Point of Purchase and its importance in the big ad mad world!

Point of Purchase (P.O.P) material is an extremely important and effective weapon for all the categories of companies whether in FMCG or in consumer durables or at the industrial or service products end as well as in the arena of pharmaceutical or OTC products.

Whether you market chocolates or soaps or cold drinks or you market refrigerators or home loans or financial services or bags or clothes or for that matter any branded item, P.O.P materials should be used well only then will it be effective. With so much competition today for any kind of product POP proves to be extremely useful because you are hitting the consumer (not literally) right there when she is actually at the point where she is going to make her purchase decision.

I would recommend for an effective ‘POP’ study the following steps should be followed.

There should be a set of clearly defined POP objectives.

The target audience must be clearly defined.

Define a time period for the utility of the POP.

The type of POP used

The POP should be monitored at 4 levels:-

a) Company level/ Brand Manager level: A choice has to be done about the type of POP, the size of POP. For example, a mistake could be done about the size of danglers, if long danglers are chosen, they usually tend to hit the customer’s head in a shop. While making a decision, ego should not come in the way and the brand Manager should personally go to the market to check the POPs.

b) At the Distributor level: In most cases if 100 posters were given to the Distributor, 30 were converted into writing pads.

c) At the Sales force level: The sales force should personally put up the POPs themselves.

d) At the Retailer level: The salesmen should help the retailer to clean up the semi-permanent and permanent POPs and put it up at the appropriate place.


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